Winner Dies Last (Aspiration)

from by Hiram



Held down, bound and prone, broken and bleeding.
Plundered lands now yours to burn and profit from
Yours alone!
Rivals can’t share goals, lonely the victory.
Strike the final blow, the final cry, then forever silence!

All that has been won, all that’s been stole
All the blood that poured – and still you’ll die alone…
Your end also awaits O brutal winner.

Play to win, kill, don’t lose, and yet you'll die still.
The winner’s prize; to be the last one who dies.

We can’t all survive this – We cannot all win!
Oh it’s terminal!

Without shame I’ll cling to triumph – I’ll compete in defiance!
In my moment of total defeat I will have victory
In knowing that I didn’t die alone!

Repressed hate of the struggle just for survival
Project on other inferiority
What a bitter loss
Well done! You won!

Noone to place laurels on the last mind in existence


from (2013) See The Thing Within The Thing, released March 8, 2013




Hiram Sheffield, UK

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